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Man U: Good Bye David Moyes, and Thank You


Of course, a few days after I write an article about how Manchester United should keep David Moyes, he has been sacked by the club. Bellow is Moyes’ statement following his departure from the club.

“To have been appointed as manager of Manchester United, one of the biggest football clubs in the world, was and remains something of which I will always be incredibly proud.

Taking charge after such a long period of continuous stability and success at the club was inevitably going to be a significant challenge, but it was one which I relished and never had a second thought about taking on. 

The scale of the manager’s job at United is immense, but I have never stepped away from hard work and the same applies to my coaching staff. I thank them for their dedication and loyalty throughout the last season.  

‘We were fully focused and committed to the process of the fundamental rebuilding that is required for the senior squad. This had to be achieved whilst delivering positive results in the Barclays Premier League and the Champions League. However, during this period of transition, performances and results have not been what Manchester United and its fans are used to or expect, and I both understand and share their frustration.  

In my short time at the club I have learnt what special places Old Trafford and Carrington are. I would like to thank the United staff for making me feel so welcome and part of the United family from my first day. And of course thank you to those fans who have supported me throughout the season. I wish you and the club all the best for the future.

I have always believed that a manager never stops learning during his career and I know I will take invaluable experience from my time as United’s manager. I remain proud to have led the team to the quarter finals of this year’s Champions League and I remain grateful to Sir Alex Ferguson for believing in my ability and giving me the chance to manage Manchester United.”

Moyes never thanks his players, only the staff. What does this show? It shows the rumors about the dissension ranks were true. The players lost their faith in their manager early on, and lets be honest… that was blatantly obvious by the way they played every week by and large.

While he doesn’t thank the players, it is important to notice who he does thank, his coaches, the fans, and Sir Alex Ferguson. While personally I think Moyes’ coaching staff was useless and seemed to be more along for the ride at times then actually coaching the players, I do respect Moyes for thanking his coaches and not trying to pass the blame on to them. Thanking the fans was also a class act, by and large the fans stood by him. Never did you hear negative chants towards him inside the walls of Old Trafford on a game day, as well as the only “boo” that ever came out because of him was when the plane carrying a “Moyes Out” banner flew by, and those boos were directed at the plane and not him. Finally it is great to see him thanking Sir Alex. It would be easy and arguably fair for him to be mad at Sir Alex. Sir Alex took him away from Everton, a stable job, and threw him into a crucible with, from what the public has seen, not much help at all.

As a United fan who was pretty vocal against Moyes at times, but then came around to realize what he was doing I have something to say:

I feel bad for you David, the club went about this all wrong. Your departure was poorly handled. No one, no matter the job, should find out they are bing sacked through Twitter or the Press before they are told in person. I didn’t agree with your tactics at times,



but by and large I think you have helped United more then people give you credit. You made Wayne Rooney, the poster boy of United, want to stay at the club. You gave Adnan Januzaj the chance he needed to show the world he will be a name on the tips of the world’s tongues whenever  anyone mentions world class talent. You gave the youngsters a chance and woke us up to the fact the days of Rio, Vidic, and Evra are over. The team, like you always said, needs to rebuild, just sadly in today’s vicious business that is top tier football, we can’t take the time you said you need. At the end of the day this is about making money and keeping the prestige of the club untarnished, and in this climate the owners have to make tough decisions to ensure that happens.

So overall I want to thank David Moyes. No one could of come in and picked up where Sir Alex left off. When Sir Alex came to the club United was not the top team it is now. He had the time he needed to rebuild a poor team because he started with a United team that was at the middle of the table. David Moyes walked in and really the only way was down. Football back in the early Ferguson era was also not as cut throat of a business nor was it so focused on the bottom line. You can not compare the two situations because in reality the two men took over at totally different stages of the club’s history.

Also anyone that says the team is the same as last year is incorrect. The players last year must of known it was Ferguson’s last year, and at this level when every team has great players, motivation and heart can be what it takes to win a title. Ferguson leaving and the players wanting to send him out on a high was what won Manchester United the League last year not talent. And as a United fan, I feel like I can admit that.

Regardless of all of this the show goes on, United has a game this weekend and will be in great, legendary hands, with Ryan Giggs at the helm for the remainder of the season. In the coming weeks and months, United will line the newspapers with rumors, perspective managers, confirmed coaches, and hopefully signings. Yet as all of this happens, remember the man that put his hand up, didn’t look back, and with no second thought walked into a job that really was un-winnable.

David Moyes, as a United fan that can now see what you were trying to do, I truly feel bad for how you were treated by the club in the past few days.

Thank you, and best of luck.

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