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Scouting Report: Florida DL Dominique Easley

Dominique Easley

Name: Dominique Easley

Position: DE/DT

School: Florida

Year: Senior

Ht: 6’2”

Wt: 282

2010 Stats: 1 Solo Tackles, 3 Assisted

2011 Stats: 17 Solo Tackles, 20 Assisted, 7.5 TFL, 1.5 Sacks, and 1 Block

2012 Stats: 16 Solo Tackles, 10 Assisted, 8.5 TFL, 4 Sacks, 1 FR, and 1 Pass Deflections

2013 Stats (3 Games): 4 Solo Tackles, 1 Assisted, 2 TFL

Dominique Easley came out of high school as a top defensive tackle prospect, perhaps only behind fellow Gator Sharrif Floyd, who went in the first round of the 2013 draft. Each year he has drawn more attention to himself by dominating his SEC competition. However, he has had a couple of major knee injuries that will hurt his draft status, including one early this college football season. He opted to drop out of University of Florida in order to rehab and prepare for the 2014 NFL Draft.

Physical Tools: From a max/straight-line speed standpoint, Easley isn’t all that fast, and his change of direction isn’t always great either, but his acceleration is extraordinary. He also has a lot of strength to his thick, but short frame. 8.7/10

Intangibles/Work Ethic/Miscellaneous: Easley’s personality should make him welcome in most locker rooms. He doesn’t have a good fit at any one position in the NFL; a “tweener”. Each year, there was clear progression in his skills. He’s used his time off from rehab and training for the draft to talk to various veteran trainers and coaches in addition to analyzing a lot of film. 9.5/10

Durability: This will be a big area of concern for scouts. In 2011, he tore his left ACL. Early on this season, Easley tore his right ACL in addition to his medial meniscus. 5.5/10

Run Stopping: Easley has trouble against the run. He’s unsure how to read where it’s going, so he can be made a non-factor in the play too often. There are a decent number of times, however, when he will play it perfectly totally blow up a run play in the backfield. 12.8/15

Pass Rushing: His primary moves are spinning and ripping, and consequently, are his most effective. His bull rush is very inconsistent; sometimes it works, but a lot of the times, he can get stood up. Besides those moves, he has a few others he uses, that are inconsistent. His ability to split double teams is nice. 13.3/15

 Motor/Other Aspects: The Gator DT doesn’t stop. He’s a full effort guy that either refuses to, or doesn’t know how to turn it off on the field. His angles of pursuit are a little bit of a work in progress. He has a decent, but not great ability to disengage. It would be nice to see him try and get his hands up to tip passes more often. He needs to learn to use more moves instead of relying on his quick burst so much. When it comes to making the grabbing the man with ball, he has some trouble keeping his balance. 11.3/15

Play Read/Leverage/Burst: Nearly every time, he is the first guy on the defensive line to hit his blocker, but sometimes gets too eager and jumps the snap. Easley generally understands what type of play it’s going to turn out to be, but needs some help determining direction and not getting fooled by counters. For the most part, Easley can keep his pad level in good places, but if his blocker get his hands inside, it’s over. 19.3/20

Versatility: Easley has some decent versatility to his game, playing numerous spots across Florida’s D-Line. It’s hard to say whether he should be a 3-4 End, or a 4-3 pass rushing DT, but the latter looks best, in my opinion. 4.7/5

Overall: Dominique Easley is a guy bursting with talent and has demonstrated some really good things in college against great competition. Unfortunately, he’s had some bad injuries in that time and it’s hard to project where exactly he’s supposed to fit at the next level. He has the effort, physical abilities, and personality to do it, it seems, but it remains to see if he can put everything together while staying healthy. 76.7

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