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Scouting Report: Notre Dame DT Louis Nix III


Name: Louis Nix III

Position: DT

School: Notre Dame

Year: Senior

Ht: 6’2”

Wt: 342

2011 Stats: 12 Solo Tackles, 33 Assisted, 4.5 TFL, .5 Sacks, and 1 Pass Deflection

2012 Stats: 20 Solo Tackles, 30 Assisted, 7.5 TFL, 2 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, and 5 Pass Deflections

2013 Stats: 16 Solo Tackles, 11 Assisted, 8.5 TFL, 2 Sacks, 6 Pass Deflections, 2 Kicks/Punts Blocked, 1 INT.

Louis Nix III was a four-star prospect when he came out of high school. After not playing his Freshman year, he made an immediate impact and hasn’t looked back, being considered one of the top DT in college football and as potential high-first round pick in the draft. Deciding to return to school may have been the wrong choice though, as he tore his meniscus eight games into the season. Whether or not teams think the knee healed up well or not could play into his draft stock.

Physical Tools: Nix is huge, plain and simple, he’ll occupy plenty of space. “Quick” isn’t the word you would use to describe him, but that’s not what he’ll be drafted for. He will be drafted for that aforementioned size as well as his massive strength. His upper body actually needs a little more strength. 9.2/10

Intangibles/Work Ethic/Miscellaneous: He returned to school for his senior season so that his mom could walk on the field with him on Senior Day. The reputation he has among his coaches, teammates, fellow students – everyone has a great opinion of who he is from a character standpoint. It looks like he may have trouble maintaining his weight, as he put on around 30 pounds over the offseason. He’s played with high-level competition, and played well. 8.3/10

Durability: He played eight games in 2013, then tore his meniscus, missing the rest of the season. His weight could lead to further issues down the road, though.8/10

Run Stopping: Nix dominates at times here. He’ll push his man so far into the backfield so quickly, running backs either run into their own lineman, or they have to try and quickly redirect themselves. He needs to make more attempts at grabbing and actually holding onto the halfback to keep him from getting more yards. In directional run blocking, he is pushed around and angled more easily. 14.3/15

Pass Rushing: Not the best part of his game, but not bad. He has the strength to make a QB nervous, either by occasionally getting past his man, or much more often, pushing that man right into the passer’s face. For the most part he sticks to his scary bull-rush, but will throw in a rip move sometimes. 11.7/15

Motor: Nix is quite inconsistent, but when he is trying, he will not stop going until the play is completely over. There is also the question of whether or not he will be able to go all four quarters. Nix isn’t double teamed that often, but when he is, he tends to play pretty well, either becoming an immovable object or forcing one out of the equation through turning. 11/15

Play Read/Leverage/Burst: At the snap, he has surprising initial burst to hit his blocker and can help him get into the backfield. Has a tendency to get directed by the blocker a little too often. Some improvement needs to be made to his read and react skills, but they could certainly be worse. Looking at leverage, his pad level is good most the time which only aids him in pushing other players around.  17/20

Versatility: In the NFL Nix will either play as a Nose Tackle in a 3-4 scheme or a 1-Technique in a 4-3. He’s just quick enough that he might be able to play outside in the 3-4, but probably isn’t a good fit there. 3/5

Overall: Make no mistake, Louis Nix can be a very good DT in the NFL. But he does come with several concerns. He’s pretty slow, but that’s less of a worry since he has other physical attributes to make up for it. What is really concerning is that his conditioning and work ethic is questionable at best right now; because of his size and knee injury this year, may mean he could spend a lot of time on the injury report in the pros; and he is pretty inconsistent. Grade: 82.5/100


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