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Scouting Report: Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater


Name: Teddy Bridgewater

Position: QB

School: Louisville

Year: Junior

Ht: 6’3”

Wt: 196


2011 Stats: 191/296 (64.5 % of Passes Completed) for 2129 Yards (7.2 YPA), 14 TDs with 12 INTs. 

2012 Stats: 287/419 (68.5 % of Passes Completed) for 3718 Yards (8.9 YPA), 27 TDs with 8 INTs.

2013 Stats: 268/382 (70.2 % of Passes Completed) for 3523 Yards (9.2 YPA), 28 TDs with 4 INTs.


Physical Tools:  Great arm strength. He has decent height for a QB, but needs to add a lot of weight, or he’ll end up on the injury report on a regular basis. Bridgewater has the speed to run around the backfield to buy more time as well as create some big plays on the ground by himself. Grade: B+

Intangibles/Work Ethic/Miscellaneous: Despite having a tough day vs Connecticut in 2012, Bridgewater kept working to bring his team back from behind and almost pulled out the win. His snaps come from a mix of pro sets and the shotgun, but mostly the latter. Shows the ability to get better each year. If he declares for the draft, he said he wants to help his mom and be an inspiration to those in the tough neighborhood he grew up in. Will sometimes play well against good competition and other times struggles, but what’s really concerning is that he will play poorly against bad teams. Off the field, he is a hard worker and has a good relationship with his coaches. Grade: B+

Throwing Mechanics: Under light pressure, he stays calm and composed, allowing him to get the ball off accurately and quickly into the hands of his receiver. Under heavier pressure, his fundamentals slip away to an extent. His balance could use some work, it would make him more elusive, more of a threat on the ground. His release point is well-placed, the ball gets out of his hand quickly; it shows with how fast the ball gets to the receiver. He has a good play-fake and while throwing on the run, he completes a lot of passes. It’s almost as if Bridgewater is more comfortable rolling out of the pocket and going on the run, because he throws great passes while doing that. Grade: A-

Accuracy: Bridgewater’s accuracy in the short passing game is excellent. The farther out he gets though, the more he will struggle to not overthrow his receiver, but it wasn’t so much of an issue in 2013. He is good at making sure defenders won’t be able to catch the ball and usually puts it where his receiver can get it.Grade: B+

Decision-Making/Reading the Field: The Junior has the great trait of keeping his eyes down field the majority of the time, but he struggles to understand the blitz and isn’t always aware of when he is danger. He will stand his ground and make a solid throw even if it means taking a hit. Does a good job of scanning the field for options, but also is good at using his eyes to fool the defense. When it comes to picking a receiver, he is very good and is getting better at not forcing passes. Grade: B

Durability: The Cardinal QB has had several minor injuries keeping him out for a few plays before he went back in, not fully healthy. He’s a “play through the pain” type of player, but doesn’t look too good when hurt. Grade: B+

Overall: Teddy Bridgewater has been considered the top QB in the 2014 draft class for a while now, and many think he’s good enough to be a No. 1 overall pick. But in order to do that, a quarterback should consistently make plays and look dominant. Too often, Bridgewater struggles against opponents he should pick apart. That being said, he has a lot of good things going for him across the board and can definitely be a good signal-caller at the next level. Still though, he may not be a guy you want to throw in the fire right away. Grade: Mid-1st Rounder


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