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Scouting Report: ND State CB Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams NDSU

Name: Marcus Williams

Position: CB

School: North Dakota State

Year: RS Senior

Ht: 5’11”

Wt: 192

2010 Stats: 4 Interceptions for 93 Yards and 1 TD.

2011 Stats: 7 Interceptions for 274 Yards and 3 TDs.

2012 Stats: 7 Interceptions for 142 Yards and 1 TD

2013 Stats (5 Games): 2 Interceptions for 33 Yards and 1 TD.

Marcus Williams came out of high school lightly recruited and ended up in the FCS school North Dakota State, where, after spending one year redshirting, he has been a starter ever since, winning numerous accolades in the process. He’s earned some attention and draft consideration with these awards.

Physical Tools:  Williams has good, but not great speed; not the kind of make-up speed that will allow him to regain his coverage if he is beaten or fooled. He’s also a bit stronger than at first glance, he just has some trouble using it. His size, besides the two obvious numbers looks good; he has nice arm length.Grade: B

Intangibles/Work Ethic/Miscellaneous: He is willing to play through injury. Not because of his speed, but because of his ultimate skill set, Safety may end up being a better position for him. Williams’ fluidity needs some work, but he’s decent at flipping his hips and changing direction quickly. Needs help with general mechanics. Grade: C?

Zone Coverage: This may be a strong area for him when he gets to the NFL. Williams is great when he is allowed to face the QB. However, he doesn’t do much Zone in college, so it may need work. That being said, he diagnoses the play quicker this way and has an easier time getting to the ball or the receiver. Grade: C

Man Coverage: The 190-pound defender has more experience playing here. However, he gets lost more often than he should, either by getting caught in bad position by the receiver or because he focuses too much on the receiver and has trouble locating the ball. But when he is at his sharpest here, the receiver will have a tough time coming down with it. When a receiver gets ahead of him, he has trouble getting in position and timing to tip the pass. Grade: D+

Jam/Press: Here, the CB does a fairly good job at throwing the receiver off of his route, but it seems like he may be underutilized in this aspect. Grade: B-

Run Support and Tackling: Is good at setting the edge so that running backs are unable to break one loose on his side of the field, but when it comes time to go and actually making the tackle on them he’s rather sloppy at times, as far as wrapping up the ball carrier. Takes good angles most of the time. Grade: C

Ball Skills: Somewhat of a ball hawk, Williams has 20 interceptions in his career so far and sometimes tips passes, but maybe not as often as he should. Grade: C

Durability: While he has generally been healthy throughout his college career, Williams has been dealing with a couple of injuries this year that have affected his play negatively. Grade: A-

Kick Returns: If Williams can’t make it as a starter or nickel back in the NFL, he should at least have special teams value. He has shown promise by making excellent returns on both kicks and interceptions. Grade: B

Overall: Coming out of college, it is hard to say where exactly Marcus Williams fits on a NFL team. It appears as though his current team does not utilize his strengths like they should. His best bet at making a roster early on may be through special teams; either as a returner or a gunner. With his playing style and some added weight, he may end up a starting or safety, or at least a good back-up. But before he sees regular time on the field, he has a number of technical issues to resolve. Grade: 6th – 7th Rounder

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